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Cherry Poppers (unit tag: CPOP) is an elite MWO merc unit with expertise in Faction Play/Community Warfare. Our crew has the most good-looking, simply irresistible mechwarriors in the galaxy. Casual and stress-free, our unit never imposes stringent, draconian rules among our unit.  We (usually) don't have a plan whenever we drop in a CW match instead we thrive in chaotic/crazy situation and get things done. We don't have formal doctrines/playstyle; just pure WBS: Wham! Bam! Slam!  We care less about Battletech/Mechwarrior Lore; we care more about blood and gore.  Last but not the least: we love to incorporate a little R-18 humor whenever we play as long we don't trigger the red flag.  And while we can discuss anything under the Vitric sun we will never allow race, politics, religion, social status, gender, (and football) to create rifts and misunderstandings. We fight with fun and fervor. Gracious losers in defeat, magnanimous winners in victory at the end of the day we will be chanting Right Said Fred's "I'm too Sexy" song like metrosexual Atlases.

Perhaps you're interested in becoming a Cherry Popping mechwarrior?  Here's some things you shouldn't expect though:

a.) If you except to play in a fully organized, Teamspeak-vocal unit; CPOP may not be for you. We have players who cannot use Teamspeak efficiently for some reason. While being in Teamspeak is a big plus factor still its map/situational awareness, minimal talking/maximum shooting, "press W for Win" aggressive mentality, violence of action, and lots of commonsense is enough for us.

b.) If you are a pilot who loves/like/prefer using LRM in Faction Play ; CPOP will not be for you. While we're not discounting the viability of that weapon system, LRM requires teammates to plan ahead before dropping in a match for it to work effectively.  And since we (CPOP) don't have a plan, you might not have a rewarding playing experience with us. 

c.) And last but not the least if you use cheats or any 3rd-party software; CPOP is definitely not for you. I will never allow cheaters to infest our humble, honest crew.

If you're all good with these, then you're most welcome to join our happy crew.  Contact us in TS (na1.mech-connect.net, scroll down till you reach Cherry Poppers room).  Or look for the following in-game:

Jumping Gigolo
Floyd Foster

Just remember, bring some lube........ you'll never know when that ultra-AC will jam.


The Ten CPOP Commandments

1. Thou shall have no other Pug God other than GLOCK.

2. Thou shall not make bad image to the unit.

3. Thou shall not take the Cherry Poppers name in vain.

4. Remember your "Too Sexy" everyday and keep it holier-than-thou.

5. Honour thy teammates and enemies in the battlefield.

6. Thou shall not intentionally teamkill. 

7. Thou shall not commit LURM-durtery (in CW).

8. Thou shall not stand still during a push.

9. Thou shall not cheat.

10. Thou shall covet thy enemies' spawn with extreme prejudice
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